Our company

Founded in 1993

Owner-managed, medium-sized, independent company

Principal office: Industriestraße 56, 04435 Schkeuditz (cargo area of Leipzig/Halle Airport), Germany

8 commercial employees, trained driving personnel responsible for aviation security & hazardous materials



Main business: transport of time-critical goods

  • direct transport
  • procurement logistics
  • overnight service
  • transport of dangerous goods
  • on-board courier
  • air charter
  • transport of small animals



  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certification for point-to-point and special deliveries awarded by TÜV Nord (north German Technical Inspection Association)
  • approval as a regulated agent of the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (German Federal Agency of Aviation), approval no. DE/RA/00805-01
  • member of the „Netzwerk Logistik Mitteldeutschland e.V.“
  • Leipzig site of a national and international express delivery network for overnight delivery of urgent documents and goods
  • transport of small animals under approval no. DE 14 730 270 0046
  • maximum insurance protection with 40 special drawing rights
  • firm business relationships with German and European logistics partners providing direct transports



  • long-standing service partner to national & international clients in various industries and business areas



On your request, we would be glad to offer fixed prices for

  • other vehicle types such as trucks up to 5.0 tons payload or vans with trailers
  • other transport means/services such as air charter or on-board courier
  • fixed routes or round trips
  • procurement from Europe and Germany
  • dispersion, transport of dangerous goods, authorised transport of small animals
  • overnight service


You can reach us 24/7 throughout the year

Team leader:Hendrik Kiesche
Freight brokerage:Lars Richter
Freight brokerage:Ronny Köhler
Quality management:Ina Reichelt
Quality management:Norbert Waack
Office management/Accounting:Pia Bugiel
General management:Marc Bugiel
General management:Klaus-Dieter Bugiel
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